PUR Edge Adhesive:

The application of “PUR (polyurethane)” edge glue results in a virtually seamless and clean edge finish.

PUR contains no odorous solvents like conventional EVA or Polyimide hot melts, reducing chemical off-gassing. PUR will not yellow or discolour over time, and maintains higher chemical/solvent resistance.

PUR adhesives chemically crosslink with the substrates after curing, forming a temperature proof and waterproof bond making it one of the best choices for Edging in manufactured Cabinet doors,  kitchens, furniture and Decor Panels today!

Standard Performance Comparison 

    Conventional Hot Melt

  • Temperature Resistance: Limited

  • Chemical & Water Resistance: Poor

  • Bond Strength: Low

    PUR Hot Melt

  • Temperature Resistance: Excellent

  • Chemical & Water Resistance: Excellent

  • Bond Strength: High


PUR Glue technologies – creating clean, high-quality finished products, with a seamlessly thin but strong, durable adhesive bond!